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Onyx Dragons Collection

Onyx Dragons Collection

Nine books for one price

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 3,347+ 5-star reviews

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Smokin' hot dragon shifters are choosing curvy Earth women for their wives - and the universe will never be the same!

The Onyx Dragons collection is complete at 7 novels plus all the extra materials.


Dragon shifter CEO Mal must marry a human and produce dragonlets or he’ll be forced to give up his business and return to his home planet. But now he can’t stop thinking about his quiet, mysterious intern, Cheryl…

* * *


Pyro, the bad boy dragon shifter VP, looks gorgeous through binoculars and is even more tempting when he catches her looking at him. But before good-girl elementary teacher Amy can catch her breath, Pyro whisks her away to Vegas for a very indecent proposal…

* * *


Elite security officer Kyan’s scars make him a monster to everyone except sunny nursing student Laura. But when her association with the dragon shifters puts her in danger, Kyan vows to keep her safe—in his arms!

* * *


Buttoned-up Amber has to hold in her temper when playboy Darcy flirts with her fire. But when she finally realizes he’s serious, can there be a happy ending between a charming human male and a female dragon shifter?

* * *


Steadfast Jasper has been keeping the peace around his explosive siblings for so long that when it’s time for him to claim his secret crush, the lovely human mate he’s craved since the moment he arrived on Earth, his rebellion might spark an intergalactic war!

* * *


Cold Alex is the most beautiful dragon shifter, but only sassy barista Nicole can melt his icy heart—and save Earth from the greedy enemies who want to destroy it.

* * *


Flint has always walked his own path, but when he’s forced back to the dragons’ home planet to marry their empress, the Dragon Empire will never be the same.

Look Inside

From Onyx Dragons: Malachite...

Mal rested his fists on the desk and leaned over her. “Are you currently married?”

She sat up straight and gripped her tablet in both hands. “No.”

“Are you capable of mating?”

Mating? Her hoodie suddenly felt too hot and tight. Every time she looked at him, she was extremely capable. “Uh…what do you mean?”

“Do you desire sex for the purpose of producing dragonlets?”

Sex. Dragonlets. That was what they called their babies.

Oh god.

He knew. All those times she’d been watching him. Eating him up. Stalking him in her mind. All those times she’d brushed against him and thought he would never notice. He had noticed.

Hard shivers ran down her sides. How had this happened? She was quiet, she dressed like she hated her body, and she slipped unnoticed from class to the internship and home again in an infinite, boring cycle of deadlines that didn’t even matter. Except, of course, her final portfolio that would determine whether she graduated with job offers or starved in the street.

He had looked into her mind and read her fantasies. Her whole body pulsed, hot, as though he had opened her innermost secret diary and begun reading the pages. What else did he know?

Mal waited for her answer.

She pinched the sleeves of her hoodie, worrying the soft fabric.

He was not asking her to make babies together. No. There was no way. This was a misunderstanding. He wanted her to design wedding invitations. With baby dragonlets. Yes, that was what it was.

“Um…” Her throat closed, and she cleared it. “You mean…uh, do I want, uh…”

“Sex,” he supplied.

Her heart thundered. His direct answer seemed clear. She squeezed the hoodie sleeve. “With, uh, me and you? Us?”


No way. No way. No way.


“Yes or no,” he said. “Answer.”

40,000+ sales, 1500+ pages

Smokin' hot dragon shifters are marrying curvy women from Earth and the universe will never be the same!

Grab all main stories in one massive collection! Seven full novels, all bonus epilogues and in-between stories, and one snippet that was previously only shared with my newsletter subscribers. Get your dragon alien fix here!

"Could not put this entire series down! It has easily become my favorite dragon shifter series to date. Would recommend the Onyx family to everyone. Loved it!" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -- Reader

Read this series if you like:

  • Boss Dragons
  • Virgin Heroines
  • Alien Abductions
  • Curvy Heroines
  • Heat Level: 3 out of 5

"This entire series has been very enjoyable. Lots of twists, lots of laughs, lots of love. The characters and their stories were so very well written. The way the author connected all the characters and their stories from the start to the end was great." ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -- Reader

Books included in the bundle:

📕 ONYX DRAGONS MALACHITE: Shy Intern x Growly Boss
📕 ONYX DRAGONS PYROCHLORE: Bad Boy VP x Good Girl Elementary School Teacher
📕 ONYX DRAGONS KYANITE: Scarred Special Ops Warrior x Sunny Nurse
📕 ONYX DRAGONS AMBER: Dragon Friends to Lovers
📕 ONYX DRAGONS ALEXANDRITE: Ice Cold Spy x Sassy Heart-On-Her-Sleeve Barista
📕 ONYX DRAGONS FLINT: Dragon Teacher x Student (with an epic twist!)
📚 ALL HAPPILY-EVER-AFTER EPILOGUES: "Mal's First Birthday", "Pyro's Wedding," "Kyan's Housewarming," "Jasper's New Family," "Alex's Challenge," "Flint's Picnic."

"Starla Night has done it again!! Each novel has enchanted me from the beginning. Well worth reading. Once you start reading, you have trouble putting it down and resting your eyes and brain." ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -- Reader

"Hilarious and Incredibly Imaginative! Don't miss this book! No other book can hold a candle to this one for its insanely funny take on dragon shifters and the humans they pursue. (Except perhaps for the other books in the series) Starla Night has masterfully created some of the most endearing, funny, often clueless, yet strong and loyal characters I've ever had the pleasure to meet. Even the villains are a hoot. Notwithstanding all the chuckles, you'll still enjoy the romance. Just like me, you'll want to read the rest of this wonderful series. And I can tell you, the second installment, Pyrochlore, will not disappoint! Enjoy!!" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -- Reader


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