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Seduced by the Sea Lord

Seduced by the Sea Lord

Top 100 Bestselling series

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Tattooed warriors are climbing out of the secret depths to claim their soul mates and save their race!

Determined warlord Torun must claim Lucy, who mistook him for a shipwreck survivor and pulled his injured body from the ocean. She is his soul mate. Now she must join with him and give him a child.

Lucy can’t believe the words coming out of this dominant male. Her destiny is to become a mermaid queen? Too bad “destiny” forgot that Lucy’s a broke divorcee who can’t even have a child. It really is too bad, because Torun’s gorgeous, and his iridescent gold tattoos shimmer beneath the water as he flexes those broad, hard pectorals...

But Torun's in more danger than a bump on the head, and Lucy is the only one who can save him. Their choices will forever change the endangered race of mermen - or destroy it!

Dive in to the first novel in the bestselling Lords of Atlantis series. This complete novel with a happy ending features steamy shifter love scenes, underwater gun fights, and a giant female octopus named Mr. Huggles. One-click now to fall in love with these warriors of the sea!

Chapter One Look Inside

A dead body.

That was what had fouled her anchor chain.

Lucy broke the surface, spat out her snorkel, and rubbed fog from her mask. On the horizon, the setting sun lit the ocean on orange fire as it sank beneath the waves. Lucy barely had any time to dive, and now a dead body tangled her chain.

This was her third trip to the isolated atoll off Cancun in the Gulf of Mexico.

And it was officially cursed.

Her first trip, she’d discovered the largest Sea Opal in the world. Her second trip, she’d gotten engaged to her now ex-husband, who then made off with her Sea Opal.

On this third trip, Lucy was going to prove herself. Her good friend Mel had double-mortgaged her family house to fund the expedition.

Lucy was seriously worried about losing Mel’s house.

Only ten minutes ago, she had waded into the trawler’s waterlogged engine room for what was going to be her final Facebook Live expedition broadcast.

“Mel, as you can see, the leak’s gotten worse. I’m heading back to port tonight. I should probably leave right now, but I can squeeze in one last dive. Something’s out there. Something big.” Lucy had squared her shoulders, made the victory sign, and grinned. “Let’s see what I can haul up.”

She’d signed off, gone to the deck to don her gear, and noticed the issue in her anchor chain. As if she didn’t have enough problems with the trawler. Instead of putting on her scuba equipment, she’d snapped on the mask, snorkel, and plastic fins to do a quick review.

Then she’d found the body.

She could pretend she’d never seen him and search for her Sea Opal. But…she just couldn’t. He had relatives. Friends. Maybe he even had kids.

They deserved closure.

Lucy replaced her mask, chomped her snorkel, and dove.

Her magenta plastic fins propelled her quickly below the thermocline into colder water, and her ears squeezed. She moved her jaw. Her ears popped.

The anchor chain clotheslined the man’s midsection. His arms and legs hung off either side, horizontal in the current.

She grabbed his huge, muscled biceps.

His skin was slick, like trying to grab a fish. Her hand slid from his body.


She grabbed his biceps with both hands and yanked.

His body rotated around the anchor chain. She tried again, and her lungs reminded her that she needed to breathe. He inched over the chain like an underwater pole vaulter scraping his thighs and knees. At his ankles, the chain hooked his feet.

His feet looked strangely giant from this perspective. Flattened out like wide scoops. She tugged, but he just was not going anywhere.

Her lungs convulsed.


Lucy raced for the surface. Her lips cleared the water. She spat her snorkel and gasped.

Could she haul him up with the anchor? Winding the chain would raise him closer to the surface, but it was sure to dislodge him. And by the time she donned her scuba gear, he might have already floated away.

The sun disappeared below the horizon.

Soon it would be too dark to see.

Lucy dove again.

The body hung from the anchor chain by one weirdly flat foot. She kicked too hard, overexerting herself as she reached out for him…and her lungs clenched.


She pivoted for the surface, broke out of the water, and clung to the bobbing ladder on her rusty trawler, gasping as she gathered her strength.

Maybe she couldn’t save his body.

She wasn’t the same person who had visited this atoll the other two times. She used to compete in triathlons, and now, she was fat. Old injection sites scarred her belly. She could hardly swim ten feet.

“Why would I want to stay married to you? Look at yourself. You’re a failure as a woman and a failure as a human being.”

Lucy sniffed and cleared her mask. Her problems weren’t going anywhere. Focus on the goal.

She couldn’t fight the current down to the man. She was already tired and overexerted, and crying didn’t make her any stronger. How could she reach him?

By using the tools she already had.

Lucy located the anchor chain, took a deep breath, and followed it under the waves. Hand over hand, she guided herself down, resting on the chain instead of fighting the current.

This time, she wasn’t coming up alone. No matter what.

The body was gone!

She hooked the chain with her legs and looked around.


He drifted away, facedown, into the depths. She was about to lose him forever.

Lucy let go of the chain and kicked hard. Her lungs gave a warning. She reached his feet. Something was wrong. They were flat like fins. Ugh, were they disintegrating? Gross.

She grabbed an ankle joint. Hopefully, he’d stay together—yes, his ankle was firm, although slippery.

Lucy rotated for the surface and dragged him by the ankle.

He was heavy, awkward, and waterlogged.

Her lungs convulsed.

Almost there. The surface glimmered. Almost…

Air now!

She spat her snorkel and gasped.

Seawater hit the back of her throat.


The surface broke around her like shattered glass.

She gagged up seawater. Her body trembled. A hundred years later, her throat finally cleared, and she could breathe. She swam against the current, dragging the man by his ankle, and grabbed the ladder.

He bobbed facedown in the mild waves.


Of course, it wasn’t really a success. At the end of the day, which was literally right now, her expedition was still ruined, and this man was still dead.

Aside from his foot disfigurement, his body was in decent shape. He hadn’t been in the water long.

She pulled him closer, skimming over the bulk of his impossibly broad, muscular back to reach his head. Intricate tribal tattoos shimmered like gold leaf on his bluish skin. Long white slashes raked his powerful shoulders. Propeller blades? The wounds were raw and deep, but no longer bleeding.

How bad was the front?

She steeled herself and rolled him over.

His face wasn’t gross. Just sad.

Dark, scholarly brows, high cheeks like a haughty noble, an aquiline nose, and the firm chin of a man who was used to being obeyed. And more iridescent tattoos swirled across his cheekbones, above his forehead to the hairline, and under his jaw.

He seemed like more than a warrior, although he clearly had the brawn to back up his ideas. He’d been a man on a quest. A lone visionary.

More deep wounds raked his chest. She traced the gashes across his massive pectorals with her wrinkled fingertips. His body was the same temperature as the water.

Once, he had been handsome. Now, he was gone.

There were a hundred thousand ways to die at sea. Around Cancun, the most frequent cause was stupidity, such as leaning too far off the side of a cruise ship to capture the perfect selfie or throwing back a fifth of tequila before climbing on a JetSki.

But, with these deep claw marks, was he actually the victim of a deadly jungle panther, or—

Wait. What was that she felt? She rested her palm on the center of his chest.

Thub-thub. Thub-thub. Thub-thub.

Was that…a heartbeat?

Impossible. He had been submerged. And facedown. No—

The man spasmed.

Water splashed her mask.

Lucy shrieked.

His eyes fluttered open and struggled to focus.

He was still alive!

She gasped. “Are you okay?”

He focused on her. Aquamarine irises, like the ocean, were threaded with flecks of gold, impossible and gorgeous. And…didn’t she know him? Somehow… Awareness flooded her veins, streaking her hot and cold and hot again. Unnatural recognition shuddered into her very soul.

His mouth opened and closed.

The man moaned and slipped into unconsciousness again.

Her heart pounded louder than a steel drum band.

The man was alive.

Get him out, drain the water from his lungs, warm him up, and get him to a hospital.

She wrapped the man in a secure net and winched him onto the trawler deck, then hung him upside down. Water poured out his mouth. He coughed raggedly.

She lowered him to the deck, freed him from the net, and checked his vitals. Labored breathing, but his heart was strong, and his skin had already started warming.

He would survive.

The first stars twinkled in the beautiful indigo sky.

He was much heavier above the water.

Lucy dragged him down the stairs and through the living area to the cabins. A powerlifting routine would have seriously helped her for this moment. Huffing and puffing, she brute-forced him onto the guest bunk.

Under the bare bulb, his skin was as pale blue as the water around Cozumel. Its color made the gold tattoos even more unreal. They swirled around his crushing biceps, across his well-defined six-pack, below his masculine waist, and even around his…oh.

A massive blue cock hung between his bulging thighs. Gold tattoos spiraled around the thick shaft to the tip.

Maybe he hadn’t lost his clothes to the current. Maybe he walked around nude. Anyone would be proud of that endowment.

She covered him with cotton blankets to warm him and to preserve his modesty. Just in case.

His chest rose and fell. Tendrils of dark hair accented his determined brow. She smoothed the silken threads.

How had he ended up here?

He clenched a ball of seaweed in his hand. She tugged at the strings. He moaned and gripped harder.

Fine. Keep it.

Lucy rested on her heels. She trembled from exhaustion. Her expedition was screwed, but she had saved a man’s life. She’d figure out something in Cancun. Now, she was cold and ravenous.

She tossed on a swim cover, raised the anchor, and set her course for the mainland.

Tattooed warriors are climbing out of the secret depths to claim their soul mates and save their race! 

Determined warlord Torun must claim Lucy, who mistook him for a shipwreck survivor and pulled his injured body from the ocean. She is his soul mate. Now she must join with him and give him a child...

"Fantastic! Hard to put down. Wow, what a way to start a series Lucy and Torun's story was amazing. Lots of intrigue and adventure with a wonderful complicated romance. Loved it." ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐-- Reader

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